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About the CEO

Jeff Bennett is a dynamic engineer and strategic innovator, with progressive experience in successfully directing complex projects. Developing products and leading strategies to further enhance key initiatives and overall operations allows his proficiency to stand out. He is well known for his skill in developing products and leading strategies to further enhance key initiatives and overall operations. For over 30 years Jeff has utilized his expertise in aerodynamics and hydrodynamics to design and/or resolve unusual anomalies for vehicles ranging from the Space Shuttle, to the fastest drag boats in the world. His specialized knowledge in the area of wind tunnel testing and computational fluid dynamics led to the design of an innovative wind turbine. Having a recognized talent for developing original solutions for complex problems, Jeff was chosen to develop automation methodologies for the Almond farming industry. By conducting detailed engineering analysis and initiating a list of requirements to facilitate development, guidelines, parts selections and assembly to create fabrication guidelines and maintain optimized product designs, he is able to design and integrate components for any project.

With Jeff’s many years of experience and extensive engineering consulting, combined with strong communication skills, how may he  help make your project a winner?

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Our Mission

Bennett Analytics offers state of the art engineering services utilized by Fortune 100 corporations to find common sense solutions for aspiring organizations.


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