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For decades we have offered the highest quality engineering solutions tailored to our client’s individual needs. We differ from competitors by using our wide range of capabilities, and latest technologies, to find the most common sense solution instead of the most expensive. It is our desire, using years of extensive experience, to find an innovative solution for whatever issue or challenge you face.

Bennett Analytics Services

Bennett Analytics - Premier Engineering

Aerodynamic Design and Analysis

Services range from race wing design, reducing drag on a race vehicle, to wind turbine design.

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Computational Fluid Dynamics

Services include solutions for two or three dimensional flow fields and providing the object or vehicle’s aerodynamic parameters.

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Motorsports Race Engineering

Services range from race vehicle design, installation, wing design & fabrication, hull modifications, data analysis, to race day vehicle tuning.

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Product Development

Services include any portion of the overall design for your new product.

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Spacecraft Engineering

Services range from airloads development, wind tunnel testing, flight testing, to dealing with your NASA or Department of Defense customer.

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Systems Engineering

Services include overall design or redesign of your system at every level of development.

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Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Flyover Service

We offer UAV precision agricultural surveys and thermal inspections as well as hi-resolution imagery.

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Wind Energy Systems

We offer blade design and optimization or the complete aerodynamic design of a wind turbine system.

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Wind Tunnel Test Planning and Support

We offer all services required to conduct a successful wind tunnel test.

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Client Testimonials

Bennett Analytics - Premier Engineering
  • Always synonymous with the most successful jet driven drag boats in the country
    Kjell Adams – Six Time Drag Boat National Champion

    Jeff Bennett’s knowledge of composite materials, structural design, data analytics, and research and development in computational fluid dynamics has been proven success. All of these areas have been implemented in the past eight years into the boat known today as Fluid Motion #405. The boat has won six National championships and is currently the fastest and quickest 19’ Daytona in the country. The boat has eclipsed speeds over 150 mph and has run the 1000’ drag strip in 5.3 seconds.

  • Your approach to data analysis is by far the best we have ever experienced
    Mike DeClark - President of DSR Marine

    Because of your expertise in the aeronautical and hydrodynamics fields, you have been a huge contributor to the DSR Marine companies R&D program, Your Bottom hull design, your front foil design has allowed our customers and us personally in the dragboat industry to lead the pack with our competition chasing us from behind.

    Your on site consulting with vehicle ride angles and consultation has put us in the winner’s circle at the race track countless times with 2 seasons where we won championships in multiple categories.

    Your approach to data analysis is by far the best we have ever experienced and it shows by putting us in the winner’s circle.

    Jeff, thank you for all that you do, along with all of the great expertise in your field. I must say that your attitude and personality makes you an all-star team player.

  • A critical asset to the Space Shuttle Entry Aerodynamics team
    Olman Carvajal - Space Shuttle Aerodynamics Manager

    Jeff was a critical asset of our Space Shuttle Entry Aerodynamics team, providing real-time mission support, aerodynamic and airloads database development as well as strategic planning and support of numerous wind tunnel tests. His efforts over the many years provided top-quality spacecraft aerodynamic engineering deliverables to the NASA customer to ensure safe and reliable operation.

  • The entire team was great to work with!
    Brian Wahlbrink - co-owner Sperry Farms

    We recently used Jeff Bennett and Bennett Analytics to expand our Almonds 2050 research program at Sperry Farms. Almonds 2050 takes a look at what a California Almond farm will look like in the year 2050. Sperry Farms is a fifth generation farm that is looking to stay ahead of the technology curve in the fields, office, and in areas of research. Bennett Analytics completed a 6 month research project that identified key areas of use for Unmanned Vehicles in our operations. Robotic tractors, sensors, and aerial drones were just a few of the products that were analyzed and tested for use in our fields. We were fortunate to work with Jeff Bennett, the owner, on this project, but the entire team was great to work with. Our project was completed ahead of schedule and the final report was comprehensive, yet easy to understand the main points to focus for the future. We look forward to working with Bennett Analytics again for the next phases of Almonds 2050.

  • Your insight and analysis was spot on
    Eddie Knox - 4 time Top Fuel Hydro World Champion

    Just wanted to express my gratitude for the work you did on the high-speed wobble (rudder vibration) we were experiencing over 250 mph. Your insight and analysis was spot on, and your assistance helped us greatly to resolve yet another puzzle we threw at you. By the way, thanks for dumbing down the answers and reports you share, so I can understand them!!