Aerodynamic Design and Analysis

Aerodynamics is the study of the movement of air and applies to the movement of other fluids. It is also the study of the way objects, such as cars, airplanes and wind turbines, interact with air when they are moving through a fluid.

Concept 2 GA CFD Euler @ 100 MPH

Aerodynamic Streamlines through Vex Wind Turbine

The wing shown here was designed to produce maximum downforce in a limited area for an accelerating vehicle. This wing design was the result of reviewing aerodynamic properties for hundreds of airfoils using wind tunnel, empirical and CFD results and has now become the standard for high speed drag jet boats.

Eppler 420 Tunnel Front Wing #1 w End Plates 2

Carbon Fiber Wing with large endplates

Bennett Analytics has the expertise to design wings for maximum lift (downforce in a race application), minimum drag, or the best combination of both. We can help you optimize an object’s aerodynamic design to eliminate vibration or whistling sounds due to a poorly designed aerodynamic shape. To optimize performance, we can reduce drag on a vehicle using CFD.

How can Bennett Analytics help you solve the aerodynamic issue that you are dealing with?