Carbon Fiber Wing

Eppler 420 Tunnel Front Wing #1 w End Plates 2


Many years of research and testing has led to a wing design that was developed specifically for drag boats using wind tunnel test data as well as Computational Fluid Dynamics. This Championship proven design is capable of producing approximately 300 pounds of downforce (and more in larger spans) at 140 mph. This carbon fiber wing uses state-of-the-art construction for the ultimate strength with minimum weight. Required downforce is created while minimizing turbulence and reducing aerodynamic force on driver. If wish to improve top speed and stability for your boat, this is the best wing for you.

The All Carbon fiber wing utilizes Epoxy resin and cutting-edge infused laminations that result in very tight layer compaction, next to zero air in the layup and close to perfect cloth to resin ratio. The structural design uses a “C” channel spar that is tied into the end ribs via epoxy bond, which significantly strengthens the mounting area near the endplates. There are “C” channel ribs ahead of, and on the aft side of the spar as well that are tied into the spar via epoxy bond. Finally we use an internal bonding flange along the leading edge that directly bonds the upper skin to the lower skin which acts as another spar.

Includes all mounting hardware.



Currently we have no wings in stock. Please call (714) 403-7645 to order a wing.

When ordering a wing;

  • Measure boat on upper and lower tunnel in pickle-fork area about 15″ from the nose and use the smallest dimension.
  • Remember that the wing width includes the thickness of both endplates (a total of 1/2″).
  • It is recommended to subtract 1/8″ from smallest dimension measured for best fit.
  • Custom size (not in stock) requires 50% deposit.
  • Time to construct a custom wing is approximately 1 month.
  • Call (714) 403-7645 for assistance or for custom wing orders.
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Product Description

Available in wing spans up to 60” with either small or large endplates. (Select large endplates for maximum downforce.)


Wing with Small Endplates small

Carbon fiber wing with small endplates.


Mounted on Kjell's Boat

Kjell Adam’s championship race boat using our carbon fiber wing, large endplates and a wicker bill.


Includes all mounting hardware: 1) Carbon fiber wing, 2) Endplates, 12) #10 x 3/4″ Stainless Steel Flat Head wing to Endplate Mounting screws, 1) 17/32″ drill, 1) Rivet nut installation tool, 6) 5/16″ – 18 Rivet nuts, 4) 5/16″ – 18 Stainless Button Socket Head Mounting Screws, 4) 5/16″ Stainless Steel AN washers, 1) tube of anti-seize, and Mounting instructions.

Wing Mounting Kit small

Wing Mounting kit (Wing, endplates and #10 screws not shown)

Additional Information

Weight 18 lbs
Dimensions 47 × 16 × 4 in
Wing Width:

44 5/8″, 44 3/4″, 44 7/8″, 45″, 45 1/8″, 45 1/4″, 45 3/8″, 45 1/2″

Endplates Size:

Small, Large