Carbon Fiber Wicker Bill

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At higher angles of attack, air can separate from the wing. The wicker bill assists in keeping the air attached and therefore increases down force by changing the airflow direction at the trailing edge of the wing. Aerodynamic downforce can be increased by about 12%, but drag is almost unchanged. Wicker bills have been used for years in NHRA drag racing, IndyCar, Formula 1 and many other motorsport classes. A great addition if you need just a bit more down force.

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Product Description

Wicker bills have been used in IndyCar, Formula 1, Drag race vehicles of all types for decades. These can be used for fine tuning or to add a little more downforce when using a wing at high angles. These 5/8″ tall wicker bills are 45″ long and constructed carbon fiber and are very light (4 ounces). Wicker bills come pre-drilled for easy installation.

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