Wind Energy Systems

Because of our expertise in the field of aerodynamics, we were asked by Infinity Energy to develop a radical new wind turbine design using state of the art analysis tools. The wings for this turbine were selected and optimized using CFD and wind tunnel test data. The resulting design shown here will create substantial electric power and also offers many advantages over traditional designs. Two of the advantages of this innovative design include the absence of the “thumping sound” and “flicker” that are known to have adverse effects on people and animals. Because of its compact design, portable versions can be used wherever power is needed. With this radical and environmentally-friendly new design, birds and bats will be able to view the flat object in their path and avoid the turbine, unlike the typical 3-blade versions presently in use.

16in Nacelle Mk2 small

Drawing of Infinity Energy’s Vex Turbine


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