Wind Tunnel Test Planning and Support

Wind tunnel testing requires an incredible amount of planning prior to and detailed execution during the test. For decades, Bennett Analytics has created pretest and post test reports, combined with testing support, for programs such as the Space Shuttle, Tomahawk cruise missile, and other classified programs. We can provide assistance so that you may fully understand the aerodynamic capability of your vehicle, which would include force and moment tests, pressure measurement tests, as well as dynamic fluctuation tests.

Space Shuttle Wind Tunnel Test in NASA 9′ x 7′ AMES Wind Tunnel

We can assist with wind tunnel model design and requirements, review of the model construction, perform model sign off, create pretest reports, plan the test, coordinate with the test facility, manage the model installation in the wind tunnel, conduct the test onsite, analyze the recorded data and write the post test report.


If you are overwhelmed with the idea of a wind tunnel test, or just need some help, give us a call.